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DAS and Small Cell Installation:

Small Cell Dan Combs Consulting (DCC) has years of experience in DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions such as In-building cellular wireless network services offer full end-to-end indoor solutions to help everyone "stay connected". In-building cellular wireless systems provide increased cell coverage in typically hard to reach areas. A DAS may be the ideal wireless antenna network solution to help you provide a fast and reliable connection for your customers.


Dan Combs Consulting (DCC) is trained in Small Cells, low-poweredoutdoor access to provide a cost-effective way of increasingSmall Cell thenumber of cell sites with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network. More communities are looking a small cells to eliminate the need for lager towers. This improves coverage on city streets and metro areas. Small cells also help in buildings and high-capacity venues such as airports, train stations, shopping malls and sports stadiums which are otherwise difficult to reach using traditional macro cells. Small Cells can also be deployed for Rural Coverage in remote areas that may only have 2G voice coverage, or in some cases no coverage at all. They also improve network performance and service quality by off loading from large macro-cells. Because of their smaller power and size, they can be deployed discretely in buildings.